Oddsy Membership: How it works

With Oddsy's exclusive membership package, you can rapidly develop from Level 1 (Beginner Level) to Level 3 (Financially free) - gaining the knowledge and skills that you need along the way to grow your capital.

I'm pleased to offer 4 levels of membership according to your ambitions, allowing you to progress at a steady pace as your betting knowledge and skills evolve.

Working capital

Every member needs to be able to commit at least £50 to take advantage of the free membership level and make money. However, £100 is recommended to get the most from the programme.


This is your basic entry level package. It will teach you how to make money from matched betting and display limited offers that use the matched betting system. At this level, you will make enough money to recoup your initial investment, along with at least £100 profit.

Level 1 (Beginner) - £9.99 a month

This level can be purchased as a registered member at any time, giving you exclusive access to over £1,000 of additional matched betting offers, as well as the tools you need to progress to your next development level of betting professional.

Level 2 (Professional) - £49.99 a month

Once you have completed three months of your level 1 membership, you may progress to the Professional level at £49.99 a month, accessing advanced content which includes sports arbitrage. At this stage, you will be able to earn serious money from professional betting, with access to powerful betting software which makes the system easy and with all of my expert tips and results at your fingertips, including Excel spreadsheets which share every step I take and the results I enjoy.

Level 3: Passive Income and Lifetime Membership at £999.99

Once you have been a paying member of Level 2 for three months, you may apply for Level 3 membership and begin to earn money passively through advanced betting strategies and automation. At this stage, you will have the tools and techniques needed to earn money automatically and without any effort on your behalf.

Why can't I jump straight to Passive Income Membership?
I created Oddsy to give all motivated individuals the same opportunity to benefit from my betting knowledge and achieve their goals, regardless of their financial means at the offset. I started with nothing and ended up in a very comfortable financial position - and now I'm excited about helping other betting enthusiasts to do the same!
With my proven system, you will be able to grow your knowledge - and your bankroll - at a sustainable, strategic pace that suits you. Work at your preferred speed to progress from levels 1 to 3, building up mutual trust in the six months that it takes to move towards the ultimate Passive Income membership once you have experienced the financial benefits for yourself.

Join the community

As well as following my proven system towards betting success, membership will gain you access to the exclusive Oddsy community, which is based on equality, success, respect and shared ambition. I am committed to nurturing this community and to building a long-term relationship with my members; one that offers genuine value and the chance to share in virtually unlimited financial opportunities together.